Paizo, You’re Just The Best!


So a little while ago I made a post about coming out as Transgender, and the issues that came with that regarding my family and my friends.

Wes Schneider (I’m a tumblr noob and have no idea how to make that into a link to his tumblr), of Paizo Publishing sent me a message, and asked if he and his people could send some swag to make a hard time easier.

Well. It arrived.image

That gesture in itself was amazing, but inside the cover of the Inner Sea Gods hardcover was this.

Annnnd! On the inside cover of Chronicle of the Righteous was this.

From Wes himself!~ And I’ll even show you the pages he marked off as things that might be of particular interest to me.

One of the Empyreal Lords in Chronicles of the Righteous called “Arshea”

Who embodies both and neither gender, and “Worshipers believe that one’s gender and role in society are not tied to one’s physical form.”

The second marked page was in “The Worldwound Incursion” and it was for a character named “Anevia Tirabade” 


Who’s very opening line is “Born a man and originally named Anvenn”.

A deep, and.. just, I don’t really know how to put into words, amazing thank you to Wes and to Paizo. Not only did they think of me, and send me these awesome things! But personal thought was put into every little gesture.

It.. Yeah, I don’t know how to express how grateful I am for just a kind gesture in a difficult time for me. It wasn’t something that HAD to be done, it was something they chose to do. As an absolute fan of their work in general, I can’t begin to explain what it means.

Thank you Wes, and thank you Paizo.


Happy Gary Gygax Day! dr-archeville:

Happy Gary Gygax Day!
“It’s the cracks, the seams, the tensions between things that make them interesting.”
— D. Vincent Baker, from Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters. There are some good nuggets in this book, and Vincent Baker’s essay is one of my favorites.
“Seeing Mark Hamill’s beard was an omen.”
— How could we not play Age of Rebellion?
“Star Wars is like water. In the end, it always wins.”
— After a year of playing Edge of the Empire, we thought we were taking a Star Wars hiatus for a while. But all it took was a few minutes of talking about Age of Rebellion, and all our plans changed. The new AoR campaign starts next Friday.
“As Robin Laws illustrated in Hamlet’s Hit Points, to create drama and keep interest you cannot have the same type of beat occur over and over. The repositioning session prevents just that: it is a low-tension beat, designed to break up the end of the first story arc, with its climactic battle, and the opening of the next story arc, with its rising action.”
— From Phil Vecchione’s The Repositioning Session at Gnome Stew.

Roll ‘em

My Friday night game group is going back into action after a weeks-long hiatus. I’m prepping a rather frightening Twilight: 2013 session. What are you playing this weekend?

“So…screaming’s a free action, right? I can scream and maybe cry a little while I’m stabbing?”
— the party, upon being confronted by giant centipedes (via outofcontextdnd)

(via idaman008)


So these landed on my desk and as ever, though I’d share.

I originally was about to post up the photos without even thinking about it…and then realized there was details on the paperwork that I really shouldn’t be sharing, so pardon the white redactions here and there, but necessary.


Fate tokens



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